Who is Robin Ruth

The brand name Robin Ruth had become well-known in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and was created by Mr. B. Avrahami.

His first project in the “souvenir fashion” was introduced in the beginning of the 90 ies. He started to make 100% silk ties in 3 categories: Classic, Souvenir and Funny.

The Dutch Company who introduced the name ” Robin Ruth” was called Tie-Land Souvenirs and started out to introduce their products in the Dutch souvenir market with their trade name: Robin Ruth.

Robin Ruth stands for the 2 names of the 2 daughter of Mr. Boaz Avrahami.

After the ties, also were introduced socks, umbrellas, scarves and hats.
After 10 years of investing in new products and hardworking by Mr. Boaz and his team, the name “Robin Ruth” had become well known in all the Dutch souvenir market and also abroad in Europe and USA.

With the introduction of the world famous all time classic name bags with printed city names, the brand Robin Ruth was picked up by many foreign distribution companies all over the world.

Nowadays Robin Ruth is the strongest brand in the world of souvenir textile, represented in more than 45 countries worldwide and working together with the most important clients in the souvenir business..

Well known for making best selling and original design in: Bags, Caps and Assecories.

From New York till Tokyo, from South Africa till Stockholm, from Seville till Moscow......Robin Ruth souvenir fashion All over the World.

Always ahead in best design and production!